​​​​​​​Release Spring 2022

The Encyclopedia of World Dress History  presents a survey of historical clothing and accessories of civilizations and cultures from around the world, including those of China, Japan, India, Africa, the Islamic empire, ancient Americas, and Europe from prehistory through the Renaissance. Each entry is arranged by geographic region and includes an introductory historical overview. Descriptive details and more than 300 illustrations of men’s and women’s dress range from ancient styles to modern fashion trends specific to those cultures. Similarly chronicled are the technologies of clothing and textile production developed by each culture. Included also are important analyses of the social function of clothing and body modifications in each culture, such as social status, community identity, gender or age distinction, ceremonial purpose, and aesthetics. Additionally examined are cross-cultural influences on dress, such as the introduction of Islamic dress into India by the Mughals, and modern legacies such as the qipao in China and the dashiki of West Africa. The Encyclopedia of World Dress History is an excellent resource for students of historical dress, fashion designers, theatre costumers, textile researchers, vintage clothing collectors and curators, and anyone interested in clothing history and dress customs of the world. With each entry is a selected bibliography for further reading and research, and a comprehensive bibliography and index at the end of the book.
Illustrated A to Z entries feature:
• key milestones in world dress history
• origins of significant historical fashion trends
• global cultural influences
• technological advances in fashion production