• 2011 Fashion/Men’s Studies
• Paperback
• 200 pages
• More than 200 illustrations
• 258 endnotes​
• Bibliography
• 6 X 9
An in-depth study of men’s underwear and swimwear featuring a detailed, thoroughly illustrated chronology of the development and changing styles of these two “bare necessities” of masculine dress. Interwoven throughout the study is also an examination of how these most intimate forms of men’s clothing not only reflected society but also how the evolution of styles inexorably influenced social change, especially notions of masculinity, modesty, and erotic exhibitionism. In addition, Daniel Delis Hill looks at more than 100 years of the mass marketing of men’s underwear and swimwear, especially the progression of visual presentation and the written message in the era of mass production and mass communication. Cover to cover, the History of Men’s Underwear and Swimwear is richly illustrated with over 200 period photos and artwork, many never published before. 

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Men's Underwear and Swimwear