Release Spring 2018
• Bloomsbury Publishing
• Fashion/Dress History
• 226 pages
• Illustrated
​• Over 600 end notes
• Bibliography
• 6 X 9
The Peacock Revolution in menswear of the 1960s came as a profound shock to much of America. Men’s long hair and vividly colored, sexualized clothes challenged long established traditions of masculine identity. ​​Peacock Shock is an in-depth study of how radical changes in men’s clothing reflected, and contributed to, the changing ideas of American manhood initiated by a youthquake of rebellious baby boomers coming of age in an era of revolutions. Featured in detail is an examination of the diverse sociocultural and sociopolitical movements of the era and how those dissents and advocacies influenced the youthquake generation’s choices in dress and, as a result, their ideas of masculinity. In addition, Daniel Delis Hill provides a thorough chronicle of the peacock fashions of the time, beginning with the mod looks of the British Invasion in the early 1960s, through the counterculture street styles and the mass-market trends they inspired, and concluding with the dress-for-success menswear revivals of the 1970s Me-Decade.
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