• Foreword by Joanne B. Eicher
• Pearson Education, 2010
• Fashion/Theater Costume/Dress History
• Hardcover
• 830 pages
• More than 1700 illustrations plus 32 pages of color plates
• Bibliography
• Chapter glossaries of key fashion terms
• Classroom projects for research and portfolio
• 8 1/2 X 11
Most surveys of historical dress have been written solely from a Eurocentric perspective with only passing references to the dress traditions of the rest of the world. In the History of World Costume and Fashion, Daniel Delis Hill presents a global view of costumes and cultural styles including those of Japan, China, India, Africa, the Islamic world, and the ancient Americas. In addition to descriptive details of dress, this study includes significant analysis of the social function of dress such as gender or age differentiation, community membership, ceremonial purpose, social status, and period aesthetics.

More than 1700 illustrations depict the dress of women, men, and children from around the world. In addition, at the end of each chapter are examples of legacies and influences of ancient styles and far-flung cultures on modern EuroAmerican fashion. Illustrations of period artifacts are additionally augmented with line drawings showing details of garment construction or step-by-step methods of dressing such as draping the Roman toga or the Indian sari.
The History of World Costume and Fashion is an excellent resource for students of historical dress, fashion designers, theater costumers, textile researchers, costume collectors and curators, and anyone interested in clothing and dress customs of the world.
• Descriptive details of women’s, men’s and children’s dress by category including daywear, evening dress, outerwear, undergarments, accessories, footwear, hats, hairstyles, cosmetics, body modifications, and more
• Examples of cross-cultural influences and legacies of ancient costume styles
• Chapter introductions of period history and cultural development
• Biographies and portraits of 100 fashion designers who shaped modern style
• Classroom projects for research and portfolio
• An extensive bibliography, chapter glossaries of terms, and comprehensive index


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